Tom REUTER – Préparation physique | Athlétisme

As a high-level javelin thrower I have received great help from Romain. He has first helped me during 2 years to stay injury free through root cause thinking, finding disbalances and intermuscular-coordination issues. Being healthy is a pre-requisite to being able to performing. Romain never forgets that and manages the athlete’s programm with precise load-planning.

Since almost 2 years now, I have put all my trust into him for the physical preparation and the results are impressive. Since 2 years, he finds every day new ways to chalenge my body and make a planning day by day that fits my profile and covers my weaknesses. I can only recommend working with Romain. He is an absolute professional in the field of strength and conditioning. His passion and commitment to push an athlete to the highest performance is just unimaginable. In my opinion he is a rising star in the field of strength and conditioning and will be able to help a lot of future champions. Keep up the good work and I cannot thank you enough!